Check-out Quilts

Checking out books is as easy as 1-2-3!

1)  Look through our library of quilts and books on the Library Page and find the book(s)/quilt(s) you might like to check-out

2)  Find a date where your book(s)/quilts(s) are available.  You can do that on the bottom of each individual book page or look at the Booking Page.

  • Please allow two weeks of up front communications time before you need the quilts
  • For finding a timerange that works for you, please add 2-3 days at the beginning of your event and 2-3 days at the end of your event to allow for transportation.
  • Generally, we check out quilts for 2 weeks at a time, including transit time
  • Generally, we check out only 3 quilts to individuals, and 6 quilts to schools or organization.
 3) Complete the following form with your information and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to make arrangements!
  • After we have confirmed with you, the quilts will either be dropped off or shipped to you at no charge. However, you are responsible for the cost of transportation back to Story Book Quilts.
  • Please know that submitting this form does not automatically confirm that you can have the books and quilts on the specified date.
  • Also, when you checkout the books and quilts, you will need to sign a waiver that says that you will be responsible for the quilts and books. Should they be damaged there is a $30 book fee and a $250 quilt replacement fee.

General Information:


Thank You!

A special "Thank You" to The National Quilting Association (NQA) for their support of our project! Visit NQA for more information!

Also "Thank You" to the Chattahoochee Evening Stars (CES) for their continued support! Visit CES for more information!


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